RFID-Application Center Munich

The RFID-Application Center Munich combines research institutions at the Technical University of Munich, RFID-technology suppliers, RFID-system integrators and RFID-applying companies. This comprehensive network allows us to get a holistic view at RFID-problems.


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Our scientific members are focusing on high frequency technology, information technology, logistics and production. By combining their scientific expertise the RFID-Application Center becomes an interdisciplinary network. Therefore we enable our partners to follow current trends in the fields of RFID-technology or to develop jointly innovative RFID-solutions. All this is driven by practice orientated problems,  which need an integrated RFID-based solution.

The RFID-Application Center offers two main services, technology transfer and consultancy in the fields of RFID-technology. Technology transfer is based on our AutoID -database which is our basic instrument to enable our partners to identify the right transponder for the application of interest. Furthermore, our studies on the development and implementation of RFID-applications offer a broad overview on the RFID performance in industry – or even identifies important spheres of activity in industrial application of RFID. RFID-trainings combining theoretical and practical contents are just another way of knowledge transfer offered by  the RFID-Application Center.

Besides offering technology transfer, the RFID-Application Center consults members about RFID questions in their companies. The RFID-Application Center analyzes and examines supply and production chains in order to identify potential RFID-applications. Before implementing RFID feasibility studies are the main subject of the RFID-Application Center. Based on a method driven procedure developed at the RFID-Application Center synthetical, partly synthetical and practical testings help to assure future RFID-implementations. Automated testing equipment and a demonstration area consisting of industry common facilities (manufacturing and logistics) are the backbone of described testing procedure. Finally the RFID-Application Center including its members accompany RFID-pilots and following implementation. 


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