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The challenge

Modern logistics is the basis for efficiency and competitiveness at our location of industry

Being a country with high wages, Germany must look for its chances especially in the development of high quality and individualized products as well as highly productive processes and services. This calls for highest efficiency and flexibility especially in the field of material flow and logistics. Due to the conditions of a worldwide labor division, resources, parts and components from different production locations must be united and finally delivered as completed products according to in part different national standards and individual desires of the customers. 

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The interlocking of public top-level research with development departments of industry as well as practicians from small- and medium-sized enterprises can provide important impulses for the future competitiveness of the industrial location Germany.


Take charge of the future of your logistics.
We will help you with it!

Guidance of companies with:

  • The planning and simulation of flexible material flow and logistics systems

  • The calculation, technical implementation and optimization of conveying technological components and facilities

  • The analysis and ergonomic configuration of manual work processes

  • The virtual and real testing of material flow systems

  • The introduction of RFID systems

  • The execution of seminars on different specialist subjects for the company advanced training 

  • Scientific chaperonage of projects


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Logistics planning



Work analyses




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