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The module technical logistics
(for the expiring diploma course)

The module technical logistics provides the TUM BA students with the necessary methods and used technologies to fulfill the logistic tasks as optimally as possible. Corresponding with the practical demands of logistics the module is set up interdisciplinarily and aside from technical and practical subjects also offers lectures from the fields computer science and business administration.


Area of specializationSpeaker
Material flow and logisticsGünthner3 SWSWS
Drive system technologyHöhn3 SWSWS
Automation engineeringSchiller3 SWSWS
Factory planningReinhart3 SWSSS
Materials handling and material flow technologyGünthner3 SWSSS
Basics of automotive constructionHeißing3 SWSWS
Machine systems engineeringGünthner3 SWSWS
Assembly, handling, industrial robotsReinhart2 SWSWS
Industrial software development for engineersVogel-Heuser3 SWSSS
Planning of technical logistics systemsGünthner3 SWSSS
Production ergonomicsBubb3 SWSWS
Quality managementZäh et al.

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