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Methods and Concepts


Also methods and concepts for the calculation of material flow systems and internal transport are explored and applied in the context of industrial projects. An important application is the automotive logistics. Key points are the provision of a new methodical framework for the stabilization of the production flow and the establishment of mutual understanding and acceptance of the meaning of „Lean Logistics“ as well as the transfer of lean production-principles to automotive logistics. Concepts and methods in support of the planning process in all phases of lean logistics-projects are developed. For the redesign of existing conveying elements in intralogistics concepts are considered, such as storage and retrieval machines. In the field of manual order picking new concepts are designed, implemented in demonstrators and tested in use. At the same time the institute explores a methodology for standardized, low-effort recording and intuitive visualization of internal logistics processes taking into account the used technologies. New concepts for the use of the RFID-technology in the enterprises and a methodology and a structured approach for the implementation of studies to examine the technical feasibility of RFID projects are developed.