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Digital Tools and Simulation


The chair for materials handling, material flow and logistics uses digital tools and simulation in the field of virtual and augmented reality, logistics planning, logistics in the automotive industry and as well in construction logistics. Virtual and augmented reality technologies as modern digital tools are finding their way into the logistics planning process and into the on-site employee support. Virtual reality shows its high capabilities in viewing planed plant structures in three dimensions and in training purposes of operating processes for picking in virtual environments. In the automotive industry digital tools are helping to visualize working places and make processes understandable for everyone. Besides automotive logistics, a second industry focus deals with construction logistics and considers planning and tracking of process sequences as well as supply and disposal on construction sites. In research projects attempts are made to digitally map the construction sites planning and simulate the earth moving and body construction processes. In the area of logistics planning simulations for the design and performance evaluation of picking locations or high rack warehouses are used. Furthermore the simulation also shows good results for flexible material flow experiments.










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