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Calculation and methods of design


The chair for materials handling, material flow and logistics also focuses on calculation and methods of design in the topics of bulk material conveying and crane engineering which represent two traditional working fields. Priorities in the topic of bulk materials handling are the development of methods of design for horizontal, lightly and highly inclined screw conveyors. For several years vertical chain conveyors are also being studied in collaboration with a reputable manufacturer to find formulas for the calculation. Furthermore, research on crane engineering & design of load-supporting structures is closely connected to the development and application of FEM-analysis & multi-body simulation which is itself allowing for increasingly complex calculations due to evolving capacities in the IT sector. Especially in the field of industrial trucks the multi-body simulation could be used in recent years successfully in different vehicles to explore the driver’s exposure through vibrations. Different finite element calculations are used for the review and improvement of design calculations for rack systems. The institute for materials handling, material flow and logistics is not only applying finite element calculations, but also has its own software called NODYA developed specifically for the needs of the crane calculation. NODYA is characterized by high reliability as well as by low computing times. NODYA is used by leading crane construction companies.







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