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Automation and Identification


Research on Changeable Material Flow Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) aims at developing highly flexible and extremely adaptable logistics systems in intralogistics. These systems are built of autonomous modules in the form of conveyors technique, transport units and supporting software tools. The pilot plant at the institute fml consists of a single-carrier and a double-carrier overhead crane with one double-carrier and two single-carrier trolleys. There are no higher instances of control like a material flow computers. The communication and control architecture further allows for the integration of virtual trolleys and tracks into the system. In this way, a mixed operation of real and simulated modules is made possible, thus allowing for a better evaluation of planned alterations or extensions to the material flow system. The research and the use of the innovative identification-technology RFID in logistics is connected to these topics as the transport units in the IoT are equipped with RFID-tags which manage their routing in the logistics system. Beyond this use case there are a lot of other fields of research on Auto-ID-technologies like RFID. These fields range from potential analysis and designing of appropriate processes for different use cases to RFID feasibility studies and a detailed technology selection to supporting RFID pilot projects.