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The module logistics

What is logistics?

Do you know which logistical processes are necessary so that you can design your new car how you are used to it today? Can you imagine which necessary procedures concerning material flow, strategy and logistics are necessary to process 24 million passengers and 133 thsnd. tons of air cargo in 2001?


Logistics as a cross-departmental function

These are some of the aspects logistics deals with. It is a cross-departmental function, which deals with the planning, steering, realization and control of the flow of goods and information within a company and between companies.


In the era of globalization its significance is constantly increasing as its central aim to supply

  the right quantity  the right objects
  at the right place • at the right point in time

 • in the right  quality

 • at the right costs

 is becoming increasingly important.


 Current topics

 • Lean Logistics • SCM-Supply Chain Management
 • Virtual / augmented reality in logistics • FEM-/MKS-calculation of supporting structure
 • Tracking & tracing  RFID applications


What does the logistics engineer do?

As a logistician you plan, steer and monitor the processes concerning material flow and logistics within companies and between them and take into consideration both technical and business issues.

There you have the possibility to set your activity emphasis on

  • Technology / construction
  • Organization / planning
  • Strategy / leadership

Examples from the everyday working life

  • Operative and strategic planning of material flow and logistics systems
  • Activity analysis and optimization of existing logistic processes
  • Technical development of systems for material flow and much more


The field of study „logistics”

  • The study module logistics conveys the necessary means and used technologies which logisticians need to fulfill the logistic tasks as good  as possible.
  • Corresponding with the practical demands of logistics, the module is set up interdisciplinary and aside from technical and practical subjects also offers lectures from the fields computer science and business administration.
  • The study module logistics is contained in the fields of study mechanical engineering, production and logistics as well as automotive engineering.
Basic subject SpeakerExtent Semester
Methods of business management Reinhart3 SWS WS
Area of specialization   
Material flow and logistics (compulsory)
Günthner 3 SWS WS
Drive system technologyHöhn 3 SWS WS
Automation engineering Schilller 3 SWS WS
Factory planningReinhart 3 SWS SS
Materials handling and material flow technologyGünthner 3 SWS SS
Basics of automotive constructionHeißing 3 SWS WS
Machine systems engineeringGünthner 3 SWS WS
Assembly, handling, industrial robotsReinhart 2 SWS WS
Industrial software development for engineersVogel-Heuser 3 SWS SS
Planning of technical logistics systemsGünthner 3 SWS SS
Production ergonomicsBubb 3 SWS WS
Quality managementZäh, and others
Recommended complementary subjects   
Logistics in the automotive industryBauer 2 SWS SS
Development process for mobile machinesKirschneck 2 SWS WS
Ropeway technologyGünthner 2 SWS SS
Project management for engineersGöttel
Management basics for engineersMüller 2 SWS SS
Logistics in the industrial enterpriseWildemann, et al. 2 SWS WS
Supply chain managementWildemann, et al.
Sales and purchasing engineeringWolf 3 SWS SS




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